Transitions – update 1

I have been working on my two ideas for assignment six for a couple of months now. I have plenty of interesting images, but I confess I’m no further forward yet in my ideas about how either of these could be presented as a series.

Haunted house

This location has already witnessed significant changes: the plants have grown into a wilderness, then been chopped back dramatically, building materials have come and gone, and what appeared to be a shelter for sleeping was briefly erected. What is emerging, as I expected, is a battle between nature and mankind, the brief intervention of the latter needed to keep the former under control. I will be particularly interested to see how it plays out over the winter months when the problem of excessive plant growth is not so significant.

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As intended for the past two months I have placed flowers at this grave, and returned a few days later to re-photograph. On both occasions the flowers have been on the floor dead, almost invisible in the image. The change in weather and lighting conditions is at present more interesting than the flowers I think, but I am hopefully that as I continue to place flowers this will have more significance as a routine form of remembrance that is itself so quickly forgotten.

I have been unable to find any information about Martha Pocock online or in the library, next stop is the parish church records when I have some spare time.

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