The photographic sublime – an alternative assignment

One of my ideas for assignment one revolved around an image I shot randomly of water lillies on a lake (see: Sea, sky and the sublime.) I continued to shoot images of water and sky, and although I haven’t submitted it as my final assignment, on consideration of my various images I have pulled together a series of watery images because it seems a shame to waste them.

These are strong graphic images pulling pattern and detail out of otherwise unspectacular scenes. For me this is an example of a “photographic sublime” – the camera plucking a sublime image out of an ordinary scene. I call the images sublime because the nature of the patterns gives a sense of never-ending space, vastness. Yet there is uncertainty and trepidation – we cannot see what is above or below the water, only the reflections of the light in the sky. There is order in the scenes and yet they represent what is uncontrollable and unknowable in nature.

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