Sea, sky and the sublime.

I took a trip to Beachy Head today to work on my assignment – it was supposed to be a sunny day but turned out to be bright and hazy. The effect on the view was fantastic; the cloudy sky merged imperceptibly into the sea creating a seemingly endless void, yet at the same time obscuring the view entirely (one should be able to see France). To me this was bordering on the sublime – it was mesmerising, I could have stood and stared for hours. This wasn’t awe as such, certainly no degree of fear, just contemplation and a feeling of insignificance.

I couldn’t help but photograph the effect, and it briefly crossed my mind to use these for my assignment. However as a body of work it is a bit too simple and lacks much interest so instead I’m posting them here as an aside.




The square crop is deliberate; it has the effect of containment, which I find an interesting contrast to the lack of any real lines or definition in the images. It alludes to my attempt to capture the vision.

There is one remaining possibility in relation to my assignment, which didn’t occur to me at the time of shooting – one of these images could sit alongside my waterlillies image as the start of a series about the sublime as experienced through the vastness and impenetrability of water and sky. Where that series would go next I have no idea, but I am keeping it open as an idea.




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